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What is SYRIACHEF ?                                                                


It is an advertising service project that serves the advertising vision of the participating companies. It offers the best and easiest solutions for housewives in an elegant manner.

SYRIA CHEF: it consists of four different parts (Book, DVD, Website, TV), in order to harmonize with the different needs of the targeted group (which is the family in general, and the housewife in particular), and also to harmonize with the advertising capacities of the companies participating in the project.

a.     SYRIA CHEF TV Program: this program is showed on Addounia satellite channel.

b.     SYRIA CHEF Cooking Book: it will be printed neatly and elegantly and on the highest levels of designing.

c.      SYRIA CHEF Electronic Website: it is a comprehensive site specialized in the international and Syrian kitchen recopies, in addition to advice and information on the world of kitchen.

d.    Compact Disk DVD .