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MOBITEX 2011 Damascus
Period :
5-9 / 10 / 2011


After Syria's overtures to the world markets in all areas, and when seen from the Renaissance in construction, and in all economic sectors and increase the culture of the need to keep pace with development and economic openness.

Syrian interest in the market has become a priority for companies wishing to invest for the advantages and fertile environment.

The development of the furniture industry and increase the culture of the interior and buy modern furniture in Syria.

And if there is a specialized exhibition that meets all the promotional and commercial services int the same place and the same time in the highest levels of success for the benefit of the participant and the visitor together......

Concentration of commercial traffic in the capital Damascus and its proximity to neighboring countries.

Why participate in MOBITEX????

-  A real opportunity to make deals and trade deals Bargains.

- Expected conclusion of more than 3000 sale of business (specify your part of them).

-  Specialized exhibition of internal decor and furnishings in the international fairgrounds in Damascus.

-  Meetings with new customers (engineers Decor, traders, businessmen, industrialists and importers, and consumer direct) from Syria and neighboring countries and the Arab world.

-  Shown all what's new from your goods (a distinctive quality, innovation models, services).

-  Do not let competitors unique in the market, do not allow competitors to enter your market,do not wait for others to review what you have.

-  Identify the needs and tastes of your customers directly.

-  Recognition on the strength of your competitors during your stay with them in the same time and same place.

-  The possibility of dealing or cooperating with other exhibitors from participating countries.

-  Identify new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing customers.

-  When you find your customers during the exhibition days you will have the opportunity to review what you have.

-  Display new designs and models and provide quotations during the exhibition show.

Sections of the exhibition:

- Home Furnishings. - Chandeliers and decorative lighting and accessories.

- Office furniture. - Furniture, restaurants and hotels.

- Interior decoration accessories. - Curtains and upholstery fabrics and wallpaper.

- Carpets and rugs. - Cookware and accessories.

- Garden furniture and open spaces. - Furniture for Special Needs.

- Linens and materials, interior decoration and upholstery.

And what’s New for this year: Royal Halls - Furniture private property

Advertisement Campaign for MOBITEX Fair:

We have created a special section to study and develop promotional campaigns directed

- Street Billboards multiple measurements.

-  Radio advertisement in major local radio stations.

- TV advertisement through the most important Satellite TV stations.

- Coverage of the exhibition through a number of satellite television and radio broadcast.

- Advertising in the most important daily newspapers and weekly magazines as well as specialized (decor, furnishings, commercial, economic, industrial, service).

- Press coverage in all media.

- Advertising in the most important websites.

- Sending more than two hundred thousand invitation to attend the exhibition through the messages (sms) in an orderly manner geographically - and a specialized chip.

- Send faxes and emails to all commercial and industrial companies and tourism in the Arab world.

- Formal invitations to all embassies and chambers of commerce and industry in the Middle East and their economic activities.

- Formal invitations to a (VIP) group of businessmen in the Middle East and the Arab world.

- A special invitation cards to auto companies and commercial and industrial companies, service and maintenance center owners, wholesalers, banks and institutes and engineering colleges concerned.

- Invitation cards to a private construction companies and commercial and industrial companies, tourism and services and...... .

- A promotional specialist team and a comprehensive advertising campaign are working to attract the interesting visitors to make contracts and business deals through marketing and promoting the participants exhibits.

- Other ways innovative advertising (to be announced before the exhibition date shortly in order to preserve the privacy of the idea of advertising).